Thursday, March 11, 2010

Expansion Update

We're moving right along with our expansion plans, thanks to my dedicated family who has helped me tremendously.  On March 9th, our school sign was completed and installed at our new location.  It's a beauty and a dream come true. 

We're at the tail end of fulfilling our requirements for our Certificate of Occupancy.  This week our fire alarm system will be installed and we already have a working telephone number (well, two really).  We'll continue to use our current telephone number, the new one will be published next school year.  That Cert. of Occupancy should be in my hands next week! 

After that, it will be mailed--along with our application and a boatload of other papers--to the State for review.  We'll have an inspection and receive license number one!  Shortly after that, we'll stand before the Academic Board for another review by the State and that will give us license number two!

With spring in the air, I'm eager to get over to the new building to start landscaping.  We need another before and after shot!  I'll keep you posted with any new updates...

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  1. We are happy to be a part of this wonderful project. It's so fantastic watching you get closer and closer to fulfilling your life's dream! We're almost there!!