Friday, July 9, 2010

First Inspection

Well, we've got our first inspection under our belts.  It went well and was much less stressful than I imagined.  The inspector was thorough, but she wasn't at all critical or condescending.  I've had many years of experience with these inspections, and they're not typically enjoyable.  The only thing we need to "fix" is a missing form from an employee's file.  Not bad, if you ask me!

This inspector was not very familiar with the Montessori Method, but she seemed open to learning about it and understanding the purpose of the materials.  Of course, once I get on a roll there's no stopping me. I gave her a detailed explanation of the materials and the sequence of materials in each area of the classroom.  After some time I realized I probably didn't need to go into so much detail, but she did seem to maintain interest throughout my rambling. 

So our next steps are inspection number two from a different agency in two weeks, and a board meeting in August.  I'm going to try and focus on this first hurdle that we have successfully leapt before worrying about inspection number two.  Take a look at the finished product:

Sensorial Materials

Language Materials

Math Materials

Practical Life and Art


  1. Not bad, indeed!! It's downright exciting to finally be in the last stretch of getting to your goal. One down and two to go and your dream will be a true reality. Congratulations, dear daughter!

  2. Hi! I wanted to share that I gave you the Sunshine Award!


  3. Looks awesome Michelle! We are so happy for you!!