Sunday, January 24, 2010


This week we'll be exploring the world of dinosaurs.  It is easily one of the favorite topics we discuss all year.  Last week, I prepared the children by reading the book, From Lava to Life

It's a long book and it focuses on evolution, so I skim most of it just touching on the illustrations.  I do not teach the children evolution or creation, but we do discuss the timeline of Earth's history.  Children rarely ask how the Earth was actually created, but if they do, I open the topic up for discussion without actually giving my own personal opinions.  The children find it fascinating that humans have only been walking the Earth for a very short time compared to the relative history of the Earth.  We also discuss the extinction of dinosaurs and I am always intrigued by their theories.  As I was concluding this conversation on Friday, A.I. said, "Well, it is sad, but I guess it's a good thing the dinosaurs are extinct.  We wouldn't want them walking around by our houses."  The children firmly agreed with her statement and felt that what happened to the dinosaurs worked out well for humankind.

This week, the children will compare their footprints to that of T. Rex (approximately 3ft x 3ft), we'll measure the length of some of the tallest dinosaurs with string, and we will create a timeline of dinosaur history.  I usually plan a week for dinosaur research and discovery, but I have a feeling this year the studies will extend to two or three weeks.  Yet another Montessori perk, we can continue our studies based on the interest of the child!

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