Saturday, January 9, 2010

Petco Treasure

Our family is often found milling about Petco because it's a great way to socialize your pets (and kids!) during these freezing winter months.  During our last visit, I was showing little "g" the turtle aquarium when I saw this:

It's meant as a cozy little getaway for reptiles and rodents.  I felt the rough surface and longed for springtime because I enjoy taking the kids out for an activity called bark rubbing.  The children love pressing their paper against the rough surface and making designs and patterns with crayons.  Then it hit me- this is a great activity for wintertime!  Of course I purchased the half-log and set it up on a tray with peeled crayons and some quarter sheets of white paper.  The children love feeling the bark and having a little piece of nature as part of their work. 

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