Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple Solution

There are always one or two children each year who are very intimidated by writing, possibly due to some fine motor delays, but are very interested in getting their thoughts down on paper.  Certainly, these children can use the movable alphabet to record information, but there are times when the children want to write a note or a letter, or record findings in his/her tablet.  I believe I've found the solution for some of these kids.  I recently ordered the lowercase tracing stamps,

as well as the wooden number stamps, both available from Montessori-N-Such. 

The children gather their materials, along with an ink pad, and stamp out their message.  They can then go back and trace the letters for extra practice.  This product certainly won't be useful for the children with severe fine motor delays, but it will provide encouragement for those children who need an extra boost of confidence in the writing department.  They should arrive in a few days, I'll let you know how the children react!

Both of these activities were on the shelf for a matter of seconds today before they were swept away for another lesson.  The stamps seemed to give the children more confidence and more independence while completing their work.

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