Sunday, February 7, 2010

South America

We're now studying the continent of South America.  Montessori used a color-coded system to help children learn subjects in a faster, more effective way.  The geography materials, like the maps and globes, are coded according to these colors:

North America- orange
South America- pink
Africa- green
Europe- red
Asia- yellow
Australia- brown
Antarctica- white

Therefore, the work that I've put out this past week, is color-coded pink and typically on a pink tray.  This system truly helps the child to organize his thoughts. 
I like to introduce a new continent with a continent folder and the song "Tell Me the Continents".  The continent folders are filled with photographs of the dress, food, housing, instruments and housing from that region.  Each pictures is mounted to a color-coded piece of contruction paper and laminated for durability.  I use clear plastic string-tie envelopes to hold the pictures, and glue the appropriate continent on the outside of the folder.  This work is available all year long on the culture shelves.
Here is a little boy singing "Tell Me the Continents":

Here are some great Montessori cultural materials to order.
Here are some free, downloadable Montessori cultural materials you can make at home.

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