Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The language materials in a Montessori classroom speak for themselves.  The materials in the language curriculum cover the basics, starting with the letter sounds, and continue up to the function of words activities (an introduction to the parts of speech).  Parents can trust that their Montessori children are getting a well-rounded, comprehensive language education.  However, from time to time, children ask their parents (in one way or another) for additional exercises in language.  They almost seem to be on a quest to understand the process of reading. 

Aside from getting the Montessori training and ordering the materials, there are limited high quality language activities for parents to choose from at home.  One of my current parents told me about a website called Starfall that her son adores.  I checked it out and showed it to my daughter, G (my own personal guinea pig).  She enjoyed it, not quite as much as the hands on activities in the classroom, but fun for after-school playtime.  My favorite aspect of the free website is the art gallery under the "It's fun to read" tab, definitely check that out.

Before starting a language enrichment activity at home, it's best you consult your child's teacher.  There's a chance the child will get confused by the different teaching aspects of the online program, or you may introduce a concept that your child is just not ready for.  This type of enrichment should not be viewed as "homework" and should merely be used as a fun supplement to your child's phonics progression.

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