Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Polishing Product

I could not have been more excited when I opened up this season's Montessori Services catalog.  They have a new product to accompany the shoe polishing work.  Shoe polishing is a very popular Practical Life activity in my classroom.  It is considered a "Care of Self" activity and is used to develop order, concentration, sequence of an activity, and responsibility for the care of self.  Well, the shoe polish I've been using crumbles after the fifth or sixth use.  The children get frustrated when chunks of polish fall out of the tin; not to mention, the tin itself is very difficult to open.  Well, it made my day when I noticed this new nontoxic polish in the catalog:
As I mentioned, it's nontoxic, but it's also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  Supposedly it smells nice too---now that's too much to ask!  I'll order it and let all of you online Montessorians know whether or not it's worth the $7 for 2 ounces...

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