Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas for Montessori Teachers

Besides the traditional coffee mug, parents are sometimes stumped as to what to purchase for their child's teacher.  At our school, the teachers write classroom gift ideas on ornaments and hang them in the school foyer.  Parents choose an ornament and provide that gift for the classroom.  Oftentimes, Montessori teachers spend a great deal of money out of their own pocket for classroom materials, so any help is appreciated!  Here are some ideas that will show your child's teacher how much your appreciate his or her hard work and dedication.  Click on the links to view the item and description.

Ten Thousand Villages

Dish (for transferring work)
Coasters (for the nature table)


Touch Mona Lisa's Hair
Make Van Gogh's Bed
The Growth of a Chicken
Animal Coverings

Montessori Services

French Knitting Flower
Shut the Box
Tibetan Table Chime

Gifts are certainly never expected from teachers.  The best gift that can be given to a teacher is your appreciation and acknowledgement.  Montessori teachers put in more time and dedication than any other professionals I've ever met.  The philosophy becomes a way a life for these teachers.  They spend every spring weekend and yard sales looking for small spoons and dishes, they pour through the dollar store in the weekend looking for magical little items that can inspire the children.  I appreciate all those Montessori teachers who are making a difference in little minds and hearts all over the world.

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  1. May I join you in praising all Montessori (and public/private school) teachers. They are such an under-appreciated professional in our country. And I'd also like to thank you for teaching me just how spectacular the Montessori method truly is. It's a pleasure watching you in the classroom - you're an inspiration to all that are lucky to know you!