Sunday, August 29, 2010

Productive Parenting

I stumbled across this fantastic website tonight.  It's called Productive Parenting.  I went through the free membership process to be sure there weren't any hidden fees or charges.  A group of moms created this website as a way to provide simple, age-appropriate activities for children ages infant to five years.  Simply give them some basic info (your name, city/state, child's name & age) and choose the days that you would like to receive your activity ideas through email.  I know that there are some days when I am just too busy to even read an email about an activity, so I chose the days that I would most likely put these activities into action.  After reading through some of their sample ideas, I was pleasantly surprised that many of these games are Montessori-inspired!  I think the goal of this website is simply to encourage parents to reconnect with their kids for a few minutes a day.  Most of the time, any materials needed are found objects around the home.  Take a look at this video and then visit their website to sign up for some free activity ideas.

Productive Parenting Web 158p Video from Emily with Productive Parenting on Vimeo.

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