Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Time to Celebrate

Thursday night, we had a our annual Back to School BBQ.  This year, it was a bit different because we included a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate our school expansion.  The mayor joined us for this special event, and many of the parents were there to help us usher in this new school year.  My two daughters helped to cut the ribbon, and they're still talking about it today.  I had also asked some returning students and school alumni to help us hold the ribbon on either side.  It was quite an emotional evening, but I managed to keep it together!

After the ceremony, the children enjoyed some time playing on our new playground while the parents got to know each other.  I was able to steal a moment just to stand and watch all of these loving, dedicated parents as they got to know their new little Montessori community.  At that moment, I was so proud of how far we've come and so excited for what's yet to come.   

It was a glorious evening and I can't wait to get this school year started!


  1. Congatulations!! I am so happy for you,the parents and the children. You have been a very inspirational person to me. You have proved once again that if you have a goal and work hard it can be an accomplished. Enjoy yourself!!

  2. Glorious, indeed!! You worked very, very, hard to get this dream made into reality and the moment was just amazing. Congratulations, again and again!!