Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christmas in July

Every summer, I review the school budget and plan any major purchases accordingly. As most of the school families know, I've been eagerly anticipating the day when we could purchase the entire Montessori bells set. Well, that time has come! Our classroom is now equipped with the complete collection of bells, the bell cabinet and all of the beautiful accessories that compliment it---with free shipping! My husband would've thought I'd won the lottery when he got home from work that night!

I'm sorry to all of my previous students who weren't able to make use of them-- they can come back and visit any time! Extensive work with the bells develops a child's auditory memory, stimulates the child's interest in music, refines the child's sense of pitch, and prepares the child for reading music at a later stage.

These are just a few of the introductory lessons with the bells. As you can see from the Nienhuis webpage, the children also work with the staff boards and eventually start to compose their own music!

Do you want to try the digital version of the bells at home? Try this!

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