Friday, July 31, 2009

Hundred Board

After reading my post about the typical Montessori day, one reader emailed me asking if the students truly find interest in these academic activities at such a young age. In a future post, I plan to write a bit about Sensitive Periods. To give you a synopsis, Montessori believed that children go through periods of extreme interest in certain topics. For instance, a three-year-old might experience a sensitive period for order, a four-year-old for language, and a five-year-old for social connectedness. Currently, G is in the heart of her sensitive period for language and g is in a senstivie period for opening and closing- typically to lids on washed containers. She'll spend 20 minutes working with one container and repeat the process again and again.

I explained to the reader that some children show extreme interest in Mathematics and will choose lessons like the Hundred Board daily. I perused my school pictures and found a child enjoying the Hundred Board. Placing the small tiles on the board is called the "Point of Interest" in the lesson. Each Montessori "work" has a Point of Interest that captures the child's attention, whether it's a clinging sound, a shiny bowl, or a tiny object. This particular three-year-old truly enjoys small objects and sequences of numbers, therefore the Hundred Board is just right for him. I'm looking forward to giving him the extension lessons on this work- placing the odd or even tiles and placing the tiles in a spiral.

Maybe he's also experiencing a Sensitive Period for hoods? :)

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