Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Lesson in Exploration

I've been spending some of my summer down-time reviewing my Montessori albums, as many Mont. teacher do (don't worry, I do relax and have fun too!). There are 165 lessons in Sensorial alone, so reviewing lessons at least every year is a must.

I wanted to practice a few lessons, so I called on my guinea pig- G. She's a trooper and put up with Mommy giving her lessons in the summer (of course I picked a rainy day). By the end though, she was asking for more! See, learning is fun!

Her favorite lesson was Color Box #2, Game #4. After the child has mastered the second color box, she can take part in the extension activities and games. This game encourages the child to explore the classroom with one color tablet in hand in order to match the shade to an object. I was very impressed with her creativity. I love how she matched the yellow water tank from the farm. And, in her eyes, the metal scissors match the gray tablet...

This lesson is an excellent way to expand the possibilities of this work, and to get the child to look at the classroom from a completely different perspective. You can try this at home using paint swatches from Home Depot. Check these links for the appropriate colors: Color Box #1, Color Box #2 and Color Box #3.

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