Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Montessori Time-Out"

We really don't give "time-outs" in Montessori, but we do encourage children to take some time alone throughout the day to enjoy silence. This activity is great for alone time- it's called the Individual Silence Game. The children are first introduced to the word "Silence". I will walk around the room with the "Silence sign" from time to time so the children can pause for a silent moment. After I put the sign away, they quietly return to their work. This is not used as a classroom management technique, it's merely an opportunity for the children to listen to silence as a group. Once the children are familiar with the concept of silence, I introduce the Individual Silence Game.

The child rolls out a yoga mat and sets up a sand time and the Silence sign. The child then lays down on the mat in a comfortable position and places a lavender pillow over his eyes. It is the child's goal to lay still in silence until all of the sand falls to the bottom of the timer. Some children can only last a few seconds, while others relax for several minutes. In our busy, hectic lives our children rarely get a chance to enjoy stillness. The Silence sign reminds others that this is not a work that can be observed or disturbed.

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  1. Wow - what a fantastic technique. We adults should incorporate this in our very busy lives! Silence is a wonderful thing and completely forgotten about in our society today. Kudos to you for teaching the children to acknowledge and appreciate it.