Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our First Day

There aren't words to describe how it feels to end the first day, knowing it was a success. This first day sets the tone for the entire school year. Yes, children grow and become "normalized", but the attitudes expressed on the first day sometimes remain with us the entire year. Here are some comments I heard from the children throughout the day. Initials will be used so that parents can identify their children and to respect their privacy.
  • LD- "School is awesome."
  • NC- "I don't know why my brother says he doesn't like school, I LOVE it!"
  • UP- "Thank you for that lesson."
  • EK- "Why is it time to go home already?"
  • HM-"I had fun today."
  • GG- "I can't wait to come back the day after tomorrow!"

I guess the proof is in the pudding! Every year, it amazes me how different each session can be. This year, it seems the morning group is more serene and reflective. The afternoon group was energized and creative with the materials. The classes will change their dynamics throughout the year, I'm sure, but I'm baffled by the difference in these two groups. Send me a comment over the next few months and remind me to post about the differences in the two classes. We'll be able to reflect on those differences and try to figure out why the changes occurred.

I want to tell all of my children this year that I'm so proud to be your teacher, and I look forward to a peaceful, joyous school year.

"Rolling a Mat"

"Red Rods Maze" (Sensorial Extension Exercise)
"Prepositions 3-Part Cards "


  1. Today Nikhil came with a big smile and happy because he has been waiting for the school, Finally the day came for him and was happy. Today he explained me what all he did, I remember last year he didn't say any word about his first day "big change". I am looking forward more this year. He always enjoys school and to see friends. He is already asking me when is my snack day and as usual he always wants to know who's snack is when...........

  2. Grayson loves school and couldn't wait to start back up this season after having been there last year. He saw his backpack on the island and became giddy saying, "I HAVE SCHOOL TODAY???" When I picked him up after his first day, he told me he "LOVES school". What more could a parent ask for?! Since this is his second year there, he is more at ease with the first days, knowing what to expect. My creature of habit thrives on expectations which says a lot for LVMA, because he feels a sense of comfort AND excitement, truly a balance! Thank you Michelle!