Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roma, Italia

I returned home last night from a long trip overseas.  It was fantastic.  I was able to learn so much more about my family's culture and I brought back a few momentos to share with the class.  The souvenir shops loved me by the end of the trip because I had purchased an overpriced miniature version of every major monument in Italy.  I showed each object to the children today with a brief description or story to go with them.  Here were some of the priceless comments I heard:

  • "If you throw five coins into the Trevi Fountain, will you return five times?"
  • "I don't see any elevators in the Colosseum.  How did all of the people get to the top?"
  • "I don't really think David is a sculpture of the most perfect male form.  He kind of looks like my dad."
  • "Do you think the Leaning Tower will fall down?  Will they change its name to the Lying Tower?"
We had quite a bunch of jokesters today.

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  1. Kids are amazing with their questions :)