Monday, August 3, 2009

Birth Order

I apologize for bringing up this topic YET AGAIN, but it truly fascinates me. This web page includes a chart of typical characteristics found in children as they pertain to birth order. In summary:

The first child tends to be controlling, overprotective, and is typically a people-pleaser.
The second child is the rebel, never has the parents' undivided attention, and develops abilities the first child does not exhibit.
The third child becomes bossy, is rarely taken seriously, and sometimes develops feelings of inferiority.
The only child is spoiled, self-centered, and may refuse to cooperate.

Do these characteristics look familiar? They sure do in this household. I think most parents, myself included, just shake their heads in disbelief and say, "Do you believe how different my kids are?". But, the more I think about it, the more I realize IT'S BECAUSE OF ME THAT MY YOUNGEST IS A REBEL AND STANDS UP IN HER HIGHCHAIR OR STROLLER OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH WHEELS WITH A BIG SILLY GRIN ON HER FACE!!

I think we truly need to observe our children, take note of their differences (both positive and negative), and reflect on ways we can be more fair to our children. A professor once told me "Fair does not mean that everyone gets the same thing. Fair means everyone gets what he or she needs."

Do your children display these characteristics? If not, you're doing a better job of being "fair" than I am! Check out this funny short video from other "blogger" moms. Don't play in front of young children, due to "Santa Claus belief" innuendos.


  1. Truly a very fascinating subject. And I can't help but think that "nature versus nurture" plays a part in this, too. Comparing my children (you and your older brother), I can't help but think that you always acted more like the first born which only proves that there are always exceptions to the rule!

  2. My first born and I fit the bill and I can already see the second child "syndrome" developing in the baby. He is a bit of a mama's boy which is a hard personality to balance with a strong-willed, demanding first born around, but wearing him sling-style has helped in many ways.