Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daily Calendar Pages

In my training (AMS), part of the Cultural curriculum includes a Time Line of the Year. I have yet to incorporate this idea into the classroom, but I think I'll give it a go this year. This activity will tie in nicely with our daily calendar time at circle. Currently, we sing the Days of the Week song and the Months of the Year song. Then we count the days on the calendar in order to come up with the current date. We talk about the concepts of "yesterday, today, and tomorrow". We also count ahead to special holidays or field trips.

In order to implement the Daily Calendar Page, every day one student is chosen to write the date on a small piece of paper. That child would then draw the weather of the day or a picture of the current holiday on that piece of paper. The teacher would then take the piece of paper and hang it on a wire that is affixed to the wall. Each day, a new calendar page is added. By June, a beautiful time line of the year is displayed along the walls of the entire classroom. The purpose of this activity is to give the child a concrete representation of the passage of time.

If any enrolled parents are interested in a volunteer opportunity, we will need approximately 200 small sheets of paper. We would need 50 sheets of computer paper cut into quarters. Please comment if you're interested- your help is appreciated!!

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