Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project 365

Last December, I read about a concept called Project 365. This idea was created by a man named Taylor McKnight on January 1, 2004. He decided he would take a picture every day that year, to help him remember his life and to help him realize what's important to him. I thought I might give it a try, but New Year's Day came and went without one single shot! I had completely forgotten about the project until January 2nd! If you're still reading this blog on January 1, 2010, please remind me to snap a photo!

Why take part in Project 365?
  • You'll be able to remember just about everything that happened to you that year, as well as everyone you met.
  • You'll be able to show others a "snapshot" of your year.
  • You'll become a better photographer.

Some helpful tips:

  • Jot down a few notes about each photograph.
  • Bring your camera along with you everywhere you go.
  • Take pictures of new people you meet and new places you visit.
  • Purchase a Project 365 Kit to keep your memories organized.
  • Keep going no matter what, your children will cherish these memories!

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