Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recommended Reading

Many parents want to bring the Montessori method into their homes, but they're not quite sure where to start. I suggest doing some reading on Montessori first, so you'll truly understand the philosophy.
  • How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way, is a great starter book. It'll give you an overall impression of Montessori and direct ways you can implement the philosophy into your home immediately.

  • Secret of Childhood was written by Montessori and is, in my opinion, a great place to start for Montessori theory. You will finish reading that book a changed person.

  • Montessori: A Modern Approach was written by a woman very familiar with Montessori, and she does a fantastic job of putting the method into words most people can understand.

  • The Montessori Method was also written by Montessori, but is much more complex. It's a difficult read, but will give you a comprehensive, working knowledge of the philosphy.
The book, A Montessori Mother , is available to read online. Take some time to read through it, I really enjoyed this mother's personal account of her observation in Montessori's own classroom.

All of these books (and more) are available for current families to borrow from the school's lending library. See the parents' page of our school website for a full list of books and DVDs.

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